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Efficiently matching supply with demand for any property.
Ensuring the confidentiality & integrity of requests & negotiations.

Buyers & Tenants

As a prospective buyer or tenant, you do not waste any time searching or browsing through property listings. You simply receive (via the heliosnet.com secure messaging system) up-to-date information directly from the property owner or agent, based on your requirements.

Owners & Agents

If you have a property for sale or rent, you are automatically informed about demand matching the type, price and location of your property. You may contact the prospective buyers or tenants using the secure messaging system of the heliosnet.com real estate platform.

heliosnet.com is for anyone (private individual, agent, broker, freelancer, company representative) interested in renting, buying, renting out or selling any type of real estate in the following countries:

Cyprus1, Greece.

1 except the illegally occupied, since the Turkish invasion of 1974, northern part.
Symbol of the 1974 Turkish invasion and occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. Author: Nikos Dimou.


If you are looking for property to buy or rent, then we do not charge you anything!

If you are looking for a buyer or tenant, we charge you only for your first reply to a request matching one of your properties. The fee depends on the elapsed time between the request from the prospective client and your first reply: the earlier you reply, the lower the fee. Minimum fee: 7 credit units (heliolepta). Maximum fee: 50 credit units (heliolepta).

Special offer

2000 heliolepta free credit to get you started now

After you have used up your free credit, you can buy 1000 credit units (heliolepta) at the price of 10 EUR(+VAT).  1000 credit units (heliolepta) = 10 EUR ≈ 11 USD

About heliosnet.com

S.G. HELIOSnet Limited, an information technology company founded in 2005 in Cyprus with registration number HE 159214, is operating the heliosnet.com platform on its own servers located at a secure (ISO 27001 certification) data center connected to the Internet. We are not real estate agents or brokers and we do not intervene in property sales or rentals. We are operating the heliosnet.com platform so that interested parties (property owners, real estate agents or brokers, potential buyers or tenants) can establish contact with each other and start relevant negotiations.
For more information, contact: info@heliosnet.com

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